Don't Pay More Than You Should for Car Insurance

We'll help with your diminished value claim in Charlotte, NC

Your car isn't worth what it used to be, so why are you paying the same insurance premiums? Your car value after an accident is often far less than its original purchase price. Independence Collision and Auto Repair can fix your vehicle and help you file a diminished value claim with your insurance company. Our shop is located in Charlotte, NC and works with drivers in the surrounding area.

Have you been in a recent accident? Bring your car to Independence Collision and Auto Repair today.

How does your car diminish in value?

There are multiple ways your car can lose its value, but the most common is via collisions. It's possible your car loses value after an accident, so it's important to file a diminished value claim ASAP.

A lot of cars lose their value after...

  • Fender benders.
  • Parking lot accidents.
  • Intersection collisions.
Our technicians will help you with your claim and complete your car collision repair as quickly as possible.

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