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Your rims affect your car's traction and your tires' life span. If your wheels have been damaged in a collision, you need to get car rim repair quickly. Quick Finish Collision Body Shop, located in Charlotte, NC, can get your car in and out of the shop fast. Our skilled crew has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

We also offer car rim painting services. Your car will look and drive better than ever. Call 704-503-9792 now to make an appointment for car rim painting or repair services.

5 signs you need car rim repair

Maybe you hit a pothole, or maybe you were in an auto accident. Maybe you've just noticed your car is driving kind of funny. It's important that you recognize the signs of rim damage. Here are a few:

  1. Your rims are visibly dented or bent
  2. Your car vibrates when you're driving
  3. Your tire pressure is unusually low
  4. Your brakes aren't as effective
  5. You hear thumping noises while driving

Rim damage can be visible or invisible. If you notice these signs, come to our shop in Charlotte, NC ASAP for car rim repair.

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